Mortality lives in a small country in Nothern Europe. She graduated from High School in ’08 and is now at uni. She has some kinda wishy washy indea of what she wants to do with her life, but no real plan. Since Mortality is one of them people that worry way too much she is worrying over if she chose the right university and/or the right field to major in. Right now she is studying law, but contemplates dropping and out to become an engineer instead.

Mortality likes comparing things. She also has a lot of opinions but doesn’t know how to put words to them properly. Another thing she isn’t that good at putting into words are her feelings, but she’s improving every day. She is anonymous on this blog and wants to keep it that way. Mortality has written about too many things that are pretty private to her she’d feel uncomfortable letting people that actually know her read it.

She loves her family and her friends. She honestly does not know how she’d cope without them. Her family does not include the father anymore, due to him being an asshole*. And she no longer calls one of the people she’s known the longest, cos he’s an asshole too.

She has some issues with her self esteem, panicking and body image. She’s also mildly pyromaniac and thinks fire is among the most beautiful things in this world. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she just goes numb. Usually she’ll be ok after some time though.

She writes about her life here, both past and present. Mostly, she’s just very good* at rambling.