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I absolutely love this song! If I’m sad, listening to happy music will just make me sadder. This song on the other hand, calms me down. I doesn’t make me happy, but it makes me calm and I tend to find a sense of peace listening to this song. It makes me feel like no matter what, everything will be ok in the end :)

And at times like this that’s really good for me.


Seriously, WTF?!?

This guy got too much free time:


I’m still in love with this song:

Zebrahead <3

Been listening a lot to Zebrahead today… They ROCK!

To make it better they’ve made a cover on SPICE GIRLS! xD My old favourite band

Cute Fluff

This video is cute :)

I Need to Stop

I need to stop spamming YouTube videos here… But this song is really good! (And obviously it’s not the official music video xD)

This one too:

Great song^^

Lyrics after the jump.

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