I want to be able to do that ^
*kidnaps friend who’s good at that kind of stuff*

I love fire. Looking at it, smelling it, even feeling it.
Not being burnt by it though.. I don’t like burning stuff. If I have a lighter I can keep myself occupied for hours.

Once there was a fire in the fire place which is next to the TV. I turned on the TV, switched to a music video chanel and ended up staring at the fire ’till it died.
I love the smell of smoke from burning wood aswell. The smoke will smell different depending on what kind of wood you use.

Once in middle-school chemistry we we’re testing how burning different chemicals gave the flame a different colour. I just LOVED it. I’m still sad that I can’t remeber what substance gave the blue flame.
I’m a non-smoker, been so my whole life. Yet I run around with lighters more often than my smoking friends.

I’m pretty safe when it comes to fire these days. When I was younger I had a few near accidents.
I nearly set fire to my desk in school.
I did burn off half of the hair on my arm.
But I’ve learnt. Last time the fire did something that I didn’t not mean to happen I was eleven (and two months and a couple of weeks/days)

Getting bored now, where’d I put my lighter?