I wrote in another post that I had some issues with my weight. I have and have had some other issues too. In this post I’ll write about the issues I’ve had with sex.
Due to a certain asshole I had some serious issues with sex from behind. Whenever boyfriend would fuck me from behind I needed a lot of kisses and touching to know that he actually cared for me. When it came to doggy stile I would’ve flat out refused had he asked me. Now I can sometimes handle it, but only if boyfriend helps make absolutely sure I can’t let my mind wander.

I remember once when I was reminded of the aforementioned moron. I pulled of and absolutely had to change positions. I’m not sure what would’ve happened had I not done this. Suffice to say is that boyfriend is wonderful.

I’ve never had a problem with receiving oral sex like I’ve heard other girls and women being. I’ve had major issues giving though. When I started getting interested in having sex I was slightly grossed out by oral sex to be honest. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t the usual stuff like taste or smell.

Then the first time I went down on a guy.. I’d told him I didn’t want to earlier and he called me silly. That weekend we’d talked about going out clubbing, but in the end he wasn’t up to it. So he bought some booze and we got drunk at his place. Tipsy as I was my resistances were lowered and he actually got me to do it.

He wanted me to swallow. Which I refused. He’d say a lot of silly things to try and make me do it. Along those were that swallowing would make me more beautiful. Next time he’d gotten me to blow him he didn’t tell me when he was about to come so I just barely avoided a nasty surprise and got his load on my shoulder. ICKY!

How did I get over that? I’m just gonna say I’m not completely over it yet.
Second guy I gave a blowjob was my one night stand. We hadn’t had any condoms first. So he just went down on me, he didn’t even really hesitate. So I wanted him to get some pleasure that night too. I didn’t enjoy doing it, but I didn’t dislike doing it either . It was a kind of “thank you”. One major difference between asshole and ONS is that ONS never acted or said anything that might suggest he’d rather have someone else there than me. He treated me as a person and not just an object. Basically he treated me with respect. Still does as a matter of fact.

Then boyfriend came along. I remember the first time I slept with him. Sometime that night he asked if I maybe could blow him. He’d put on a condom if I wanted him to. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do, but thought what the heck, give it a try. If I didn’t like it I could just stop. So I found out I could get him to react. When I stopped he told me it was the best blow job he’d ever gotten so far. This is when I figured out that I didn’t disappoint regular guys by not blowing them. Regular guys wouldn’t keep pressing if they got a no. Regular guys would warn me if they were about to come to I could pull of or keep going. It was all up to me and if I chose to give a guy a blowjob he’d better be damn happy about it. Now of course, boyfriend can expect me to blow him. Not everytime we have sex, not even every week, cos it’s still up to me. And I love giving him that pleasure. I love him. And as far as I know he loves me doing it.