Three things helped me get rid of the numbness. A comment, a text and a phone call.

Just after 1AM my phone beeped and let me know I’d gotten a text. It was from boyfriend and made me pretty happy. For a while atleast. I wasn’t sure if he was awake for when I get texts the time I see on them is the time I recieved them, not the time they were sent. I hoped he was still awake and called him.

He sounded like I’d just woken him up, but that wasn’t the case. He was awake and could talk to me for a while even though he had to get to work the day after.
He coud hear that I wasn’t feeling too well and since I didn’t really have a reason to feeling down he tried distracting me by telling me about how he’d helped a friend search for bugs in a programme that friend had written. He can almost always make me smile^^

After a while I asked him if he was tired. Unlike me he had to get up the morning after. He told me he wasn’t tired, but he knew he had to sleep.
“I know something I could do if I was there that would get you tired,” I said, smiling.
“Tease,” he said.

Yeah, I’m back to normal^^