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About a month ago or so I was in Gothenburg and a few of my friends had planned a mini road trip to go there. Since I was there we planned to meet up. They ended up in another town instead (which isn’t even on the way to Gothenburg from where they started) and promised me a “sorry we didn’t come to Gothenburg”-party for me. That party was last night and it was AWESOME!  I had sooo much fun!

Also, one of the guys who was supposed to come to Gothenburg but didn’t brought mead. Real mead. The stuff you brew from honey. I love it! It tasted really good!


I want vacation!

I’ve been crazy busy pretty much this whole month.. I just want a vacation already! After my last exam I’m visiting Bubblegum Boy ^^ Wiieeee :D

Other than that, the party I was responsible turned out really good ^^ Lot’s of people told me I did a great job :D

This past week I think I’ve spent more time at Will’s place than at home. I’ve also been at school some and I worked fourteen hours on Thursday with a pub and a party later that night. Yesterday I also ended up working at a party, this time I got paid though :D In the cab home I was so exhausted I wasn’t completely sure what day it was even xD Slept a lot tonight though :D

Will is another of the many people I met through my extra curricular activities with working partied and what not. I just though he deserved a name since I’ve spent so much time with him this week ^^ A lot of that time has been spent in his bed ^^ We’ve watched almost the whole second season of Futurama :D (And yes, we ended up having sex)

I think I’m still a bit loopy from exhaustion and sleep deprivation xD

Awesome Saturday

I had an awesome day yesterday :D Some friends from school where having a party or something. We started of sitting on a roof on a roof and just hanging out and drinking. Then when the sun set we went and had some pizza and then went on to a dorm room and continued the party :D It was a lot of fun :D And I got to make out too ^^

Wiieee :D

I got a new e-mail adress ^^ [my name]@[my student organisation].com. My “job” is to make sure people from my Social Committee attends parties at other Social Committees  xD Part of my job is also to make sure that the other Social Committees knows that we exist. How do I do that? I go a to a shit load of parties and student pubs xD

I just checked my calendar. I’ve got like one free day for the rest of this month. And I love it :D Cos it’s mostly fun stuff I’m busy with :D It’s meetings and classes and lectures and parties (I’ll be working the lot though xD) apart from an essay I have to write it’s all cos I wanna do it too ^^

My best friend Nadia turned twenty-four yesterday :) So of course I went to visit her :) There was a bunch of people there for a dinner party, so I didn’t get very much one-on-one time with her. When all the guests left it was only  her, her husband,  her brother-in-law and me sitting by a fire, talking. It was really nice. I love just hanging out with her… I really need to visit her more often!

Later that night her brother-in-law and me went for a walk and talked a lot too. Just before I left to go home he kissed me.