Read this post on a forum how it’s becoming more “guys can’t do ‘girly’ things, but girls can do what they want”.
So now it’s men who’s the discriminated part.
Do I agree? Heck no.

The stuff guys “can” do and girls can’t.
-Like flashy cars or cars in general.
-Get a career purely on what they know.

The stuff girls “can” do and guys can’t.
-Wear a dress
-Become a kindergarten teacher.

The reason why it is like this is that guys are still the norm, and as suck more worth. So a guy condescending to doing “girly” things will be seen a less of a man.
A girl trying/doing “manly” things will be seen as trying to do stuff she isn’t good enough to do, or just as plain abnormal.

Then there’s the bit about custody of children. Hwo the dads are dicriminated there. Well guess why? How many dads just ditches their kids? How many mums do?
In my personal experience I know about ONE mum who ditched her child. And I’ve lost count of the fathers who left.

Short blog and badly written.. Sorry!