Atleast I have one decent parent. My mum is awesome and I love her a lot!

She might be over protective and annoying at times, but she’s always done what she thought was best for us. Always wanted us to have everything we needed and done her best to provide for us.

She has also been very good at not bad-mouthing my dad. She can see him for what he is, an immature asshole. How, according to him, nothing is ever his fault. He never misses an oppurtunity to say something bad about her, but when I go ranting about him she can sometimes even defend him. Cos he’s not the devil incarnate, and he might even do what he thinks is best. He just got a fucked up view of life, the universe and everything. When everyone knows the answer is 42, he might think the answer is 89. Not even close. (Yes, I like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

She might’ve missed the severety of my depression when I was fourteen, but then I did my best to hide it.
She migt’ve promised some things she didn’t keep (like telling me I could have a pet when I turned twelve when I was five) but over all she’s done her best. And her best is working. I have a place to stay, I never have to go to bed hungry and I have a closet full of clothes.

I might not always like the place where I live, but that’s not my mother’s fault. It’s the silly politicians’ fault for not having any busses pass by. Meaning I’m stuck.

Anyways, I’ve got chores to do. Bye