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I just checked my calendar. I’ve got like one free day for the rest of this month. And I love it :D Cos it’s mostly fun stuff I’m busy with :D It’s meetings and classes and lectures and parties (I’ll be working the lot though xD) apart from an essay I have to write it’s all cos I wanna do it too ^^


I’ve been fairly busy the past week or so ^^ Mostly busy with fun things like parties and stuff like that :D Last Saturday I was out in a real club for the first time in ages… I mostly go to student parties. I was with Raven and some of his friends. It was a really weird feeling only knowing the four people I came with xD At most student parties, even if I don’t personally know everyone there I know who most of the people are.

I’ve also been busy with school and related things. I’m taking a course on criminal law right now and I love it :D There are also some things I don’t like as much. The head of our Social Committee right now isn’t doing his job right. He isn’t the kind of person you want to be in charge of stuff. It really bothers me that I would do his job better, and I don’t think I’m nearly qualified for that stuff. If he doesn’t shape up (highly unlikely, he isn’t the leader-type) he might have a minor revolution on his hands.

I was home over Easter. Was fun ^^ I got to spend some time with Nadia :D :D I also got to meet her brother in law. He doesn’t know Swedish, and Nadia was joking about how “we can be family!” xD

Raven turned 22 yesterday. I tagged along with him and a friend to a pub where we spent several hours talking about pretty much everything. We discussed everything from politics to rape to school to Iceland to sexual orientations and religion. Was pretty fun :D

When the pub closed and we got kicked out I couldn’t be bothered to check on when the trains home went, so I ended up staying the night with Raven. When we got back to his place we watched Blazing Saddles. I laughed so much I nearly fell off the couch. After the movie we were both getting tired so we went to bed.

Once in bed one thing led to another and he went down on me. After he got me off I was kinda wiped out.
“I feel really selfish now…” I said.
“Why?” he asked. “You don’t have the energy to do anything?”
But as usual with orgasm-induced sleepiness if I stay awake for a few minutes I find the energy to do stuff. And going down on Raven is pretty fun^^ I love how he really shows that he enjoys it… We’ve pretty much ended up having sex every time I’ve spent the night (apart from Halloween, but then I was on my period and blood stains are a bitch to get out)

I’d promised Green Fairy that I’d get some pictures of the Halloween outfit for her. She helped me out A LOT. There would be no awesome outfit without her :D So I texted Raven, who works as a photographer and asked him if he could help me out. He said he’d be happy to help me out ^^

At first I pretty much just looked like a deer caught in headlights on all the pics. Then Raven put on som Günther music and acted really silly so I just started laughing a lot. We got some pretty good pictures :)

At the party later that night I had a lot of fun ’till Frog got me bit too drunk. I left a bit early and ended up watching a movie and discussion religion and politics with Raven ^^

So all in all I had a great night :D

I’m back from school. Today consisted of two two.hour-lessons one after the other. So basically a four hour lesson. Then I found some of my “kids”, among them Raven. I ended spending four more hours alternating between studying, helping Raven and one more of my “kids” with their school-work and just talking. We had a pretty good discussion on rape and the legal aspect of the rape laws in Sweden.

When it comes to rape and other sex crimes I like Raven’s opinions and thoughts. How often do you hear a guy talking about how society is pretty patriarchal and that the only ones who can stop rape is other men? Usually when I discuss rape and stuff like that and it’s me and two guys those two will “gang up” on me. Today it was me and Raven “ganging up” on the other guy xD

The other guy said something about how people make it about gender when the criminals are individuals or something like that… Both me and Raven said that rape is more than just the individual crimes committed by individual rapists against individual victims. It’s bigger than that. It’s how this society is formed.

I so have a crush on Raven xD

Raven is smart, good looking, funny, and when I told him about a guy who tried to kiss me and said something about it not being that bad… Can you guess what he said?

Invading personal space is invading personal space!

I haven’t heard him say one victim blaming thing when it comes to stuff like rape and sexual assault. The way he talks about sex and sexuality in general makes me wanna jump him. No victim blaming, no power tripping, no “getting some” when he talks about having sex with someone. According to him sex is a great when shared.

Oh, and to top it of he’s half icelandic! That’s fucken awesome!

This is so a guy I could fall seriously in love with.

There is a prosecutor who works in Stockholm. Last weekend he said that “If you take a man and a woman who know each other and the woman says she doesn’t feel like it today and the man goes on anyway. Sure, it’s not very nice but not worth two years in prison”*

This he said in an interview with one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet. He also said in a debate article last Wednesday that “Not having intercourse with someone against their will is an excellent social rule, but it fits more in a book on etiquette than in a law book.”**

So according to him my rapist was just “not very nice”. According to him my rapist was just a bit of a jerk, but not a criminal. More of the “is it really worth ruining the poor boy’s life over something like this”.

Thankfully his boss has some common sense so this idiot, Rolf Hillegren, is no longer allowed to have anything to do with with this kind of crime again.

*My translation. “Om man tar en man och en kvinna som känner varandraoch kvinnan säger att hon inte har lust idag, men mannen kör ändå. Visst är det oschysst, men inte värt två års fängelse. Det liknar mer en ordningsförseelse.” Two years is the minimum sentence for rape in Sweden.

**”Att inte ha samlag mot någons vilja är en utmärkt umgängesregel som dock passar bättre i etikettböcker än i lagböcker.”