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Since I haven’t got a summer job I’ll pretty much be free ’till late August. I’ll be pretty broke, but I’ll hopefully be able to relax and do nothing for a while :) (I’ll go crazy if I don’t find something to do soon though…. Gah!)

This past few weeks I’ve met up with some friends and just stayed at home doing nothing.

Plans for the summer:
*Watch five seasons NCIS with Raven
*Meet up with Bite Me and Bubblegum Boy at the same time :D Haven’t seen Bite Me for ages! (At least a year and a half!)
*Bake pie! (Lot’s of pie! Cos pie is awesome!)
*Clean out my old room at my mum’s place



I posted about my plans to visit Bubblegum Boy a little over a month ago. I got home last night shortly after midnight^^ And I had a lot of fun :D The pub round thingy I went to with his friends (he worked xD) was awesome :D The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent spent in his bed though xD I’m so in lust with that guy! I also met up with Mary when I was in Gothenburg ^^ It was nice :) I don’t see her that often…

Ice, Ice Baby

I was out in the archipelago this weekend with Green Fairy and her parents. The boat had to break ice to get anywhere xD Then the snow came half-way up my thighs at some places. Was pretty fun actually :D

I’m starting to question pretty much every choice I’ve made the past two months… Everything I’ve chosen! And I hate it! Bloody hell! Why does everything have to be so hard!?!? Why can’t I just be happy with the way things are, or at the very least know what’s wrong so I can do something about it?

I need to get back in counselling but I won’t find a counsellor that will work for me. It’s too ingrained to pretend to be fine for me to open up so someone who isn’t a friend. And my friends can’t deal with it. They aren’t educated counsellors, all they can do is give me a hug or send one on MSN. Bloody hell!

Can you stay strong?
Can you go on?

Don’t waste your whole life trying
To get back what was taken away

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There isn’t really much I can say about Greece really (pics to post though). I met family, but can’t post pics since I’m anonymous. My cousins are really cute though :) We visited an aquarium that was huge and had a lot of fish. This I can post pictures of^^

It looks like the fish is looking straight at you there xD

All the pics are linking to the full-size version. More after the jump.

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I’ll post a series of posts with all the details from my trip later. Right now I’m really tired… And I’m seeing (ex)boyfriend today. I know what I want now, so the rest is up to him.

I’ll post pics from the trip too :)