My dad left when I was still a kid. I’d see him once a year and then for only a week or two.
He claimed that he couldn’t afford to stay longer.
At least after my mum refused to let him stay at our place. Before that he’d been “able” to stay maybe a month.
Then he sold some of her things and after that she refused to let him into the house.
He didn’t care.
“She can’t forbid me to be in my own sons room,” he’d say and check his mail on my brother’s computer.

Then he informed me that he thought it was his duty as my father to find me a suitable husband.
Ok, what happened to the support your children part of duties?
He asked me if I was a virgin. And was then surprised when I told him that was none of his buisiness.

Then he left. But we e-mailed each other. When my replies became shorted and shorter it was my mum who’d brainwashed me etc. etc.
So I told him that if he would go on about my mother like that I didn’t want to talk to him.
“I can say whatever I want to say,” he replied.

So I didn’t have any contact with him after that.

‘Till the next time he was in the country.
My brother called and asked if I wanted to come with them and see a movie. I said no.
Then I talked to my father.

And I might be seeing him tormorrow… I don’t know if I’ll be able to…

Hiding out at boyfriend’s place for a few days now.