Well, if it’s someone you wanna fuck, yes. Otherwise no.
That’s my opninion at least.

I know a girl who’ll be totally freaked out about gay or bi girls. She’s worried they’ll hit on her. I don’t get it, cos she’s ok with having straight guy friends.
I seriously do not get that.

Then there are people thinking gay people just haven’t met the “right” person of the oposite sex. Why not just accept that some people are gay/bi “despite” havign met a lot of really nice people of the oposite sex.
I’ve met this really great girl who was interested in me, but that didn’t “turn” me gay…

On a whole other note, I’m just starting to realise that I’m not 100% straight. I’m mostly straight, and so far has never really been interested in a girl, but some episodes in my past suggest that I’m slightly bi. Like 90/10 or something. Right now I’m completely sure so I’ll go with “mostly straight” if anyone asks me.
(Well, right now I’m just interested in boyfriend so it doesn’t matter)

When it comes to sexual prefereces there are some guys I just wish had been gay. They were friends who fell in love with me.. And that is pure annoyance. And had they been gay I wouldn’t be their preffered gender so then they’d never fallen for me. Everyone happy ^^

((Sorry for incoherence.. Still not completely myself after my crying fit earlier today.))