We got wasted on Wednesday evening. What did you expect? We’d just graduated from High School. I was fun to see my classmates drunk. I had never seen any of them drunk to be honest. Not like my former classmates from when I was still in IB. We would party together quite often.

One of my classmated, Bubblegum Boy, said that he was surprised the school’s best student could be so sexy. (I graduated top of my year)

Bite Me would ask me (and everyone else present) to come closer cos he wanted a hug. That wasn’t such a big surprise for me actually, since I know he gets very cuddly when drunk. He likes hugging when he is sober too, but it gets a million times worse when he’s drunk.

The talles and skinniest boy in my class was drunk for the first time. He couldn’t speak properly and he talked a lot. Usually he’s very quiet. He was amusing none the less.

I was happy that day, now I find myself crying for nothing…