As most people I’ve had crushes in the past. Most of my crushes have been very minor though. I’ve never been obsessed by anyone really.

First guy I ever had a crush on is a year older than me. I’d known him since forever. Also he lived far far away, so he’s never find out. And when you’re seven and all your friends have crushes you want one too, and he would never find out. I never really cared about him, but I needed to have a crush on someone… (I was seven, ok…)

Next time I crushed on someone I was actually interested in the guy. He was nice and cute and fun to talk to. Turned out he had a girlfriend of two years so I pretty much gave up on that. I couldn’t just give up on him though, so I decided to just stay friends. We’re still friends to this day and if I ever write a post about my friends he’ll sure turn up in that one.

Third guy I had a crush on was nearly ten years after my first “crush”. This guy I liked enough so he’ll get an entry of his own later. He was a lot older than me, but acted just a bit older. Even if we’d lived closer it could never have been anything anyway… I was sixteen when I met him. Now I’ve changed a lot, he hasn’t changed a bit… So I can remember him fondly but I have no idea what I actually saw in him.

About six months later I started talking to this guy online. He was really nice to me, but his friends were assholes. I met him a couple of times in real life, but he was really different online and for *real*… I think it was my version of him I really liked.

When I was eighteen I met a guy who’d turn out to be a lot more than a crush. I ended up falling in love with him. He’s important enough to me to get several entries of his own^^ So who am I talking about? Boyfriend of course^^