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Where it all Happened

I was clicking around on Google Maps the other day and thought I’d search for the address where my ex best friend lived. The one who raped me. So this is where it happened. I don’t even know why I’m posting this…


Pretty shoes

I bought these today.. Totally not planned xD Now i just need to find a dress that matches them ^^

They’re gorgeous :D And I can walk in them :D

Photo shoot


From the photo-shoot with Raven ^^ We figured the best way for me to now look like a deer caught in headlights was for my face to not be visible ^^

I’d promised Green Fairy that I’d get some pictures of the Halloween outfit for her. She helped me out A LOT. There would be no awesome outfit without her :D So I texted Raven, who works as a photographer and asked him if he could help me out. He said he’d be happy to help me out ^^

At first I pretty much just looked like a deer caught in headlights on all the pics. Then Raven put on som G√ľnther music and acted really silly so I just started laughing a lot. We got some pretty good pictures :)

At the party later that night I had a lot of fun ’till Frog got me bit too drunk. I left a bit early and ended up watching a movie and discussion religion and politics with Raven ^^

So all in all I had a great night :D

New Piercing :D

Pretty :D


It was my 21st last Friday and this weekend I was at my mum’s place for presents and cake :D I got some lovely presens:

I’ve wanted pink skullcandy headphones for a while now :D Wiiee :D And I got one of these:

Not me in the pic btw, I found it on google. I also got one of those in blue and white :D I think I might be in a pink period right now xD Oh, and I got a gift card for Lush from my brother. I also got to hang out with Nadia :D I hadn’t met her in aaageees! So it wa great seeing her again :D Her kids are really cute. Her oldest (who just turned five) said that if you got nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say anything. <3 her kids!

Sirqus Alfon

I saw Sirqus Alfonday :D And I”m seeing them tomorrow too :D I also bumped into Poi Girl ^^ She was there to take pictures :)