A lot of stuff that goes on in my life right now is hard for me to write about. Not cos I find it hard talking about it, but cos I don’t know the English words for a lot of stuff.

I’m at uni right now studying law and I’m highly involved in the “extra curricular” student life in Stocholm. I’ll try and explain some. At the moment every single student at Stockholm University is a member of “Stockholms University’s Student Union/Organisation”. For a very long time it has been compulsory for students to be a member in one such organisation.

Student at each faculty at the University then form a smaller union/organisation for the students at that specific faculty. I’m a member of the Law students’ Association. All of these organisations are non-profit and the board is made up of students. “By students for students”.

Each of these smaller organisations are made up of smaller committees. One of them being the Social Committee. I’m part of my organisations Social Committee. We are the ones organising all the student parties and pubs. There are also other committees, but at the moment I’m only part of the  Social Committee.

Last updated March 2 , 2010.