Yesterday I spent some of the day talking to boyfriend and his best friend. Then he said something about his ex. And his friend, F, said something about how she was weird.
Then she said something about how he’s always falling for weird girls.

What does that say about me?

Then he said something about how his family and hers haven’t really liked any of his previous girlfriends, but they pretend they do ’till they break up.

Once again, what does that say about me?

Cos from what I know it seems like they think I’m ok… But what if they are just pretending for boyfriend’s sake? What if, once we break up, they won’t have one nice thing to say about me?

I just got a bit down hearing that and later boyfriend asked me if I was mad at him or something, cos I was so distant and not really there. And the only times I was like that I was either mad at him or sad about something. I just said I was pretty tired… I feel slightly bad for lying, but I’ll tell him the truth later. Maybe just show him this post.

If they just pretended to like me for his sake… That wouldn’t be very nice. And doing something like that to me, who already has a very hard time believing people when they say something nice to me, is definitely not nice.

Well, there is one person in his family I know likes me. His paternal grandmother likes me. According to her I look like an angel cos of my hair.. *blush*

Anyways, I’m off to see some friends now ^^