I can’t find the proper words… This is my fifth atemt at a title and starting the post.

About an hour ago I just felt the tears closing in on me.. I tried distracting myself. Checking other blogs, but just didn’t find the energy to actually read anthing. I started talking to some people on MSN but after a few minutes people would stop responding, or I’d stop responding. I read every single new post on a forum I frequent, but didn’t remeber a word. I tried calling boyfriend several times and reaching voice mail every single time.

So about half an hour ago I started crying (again)… I hate crying! At least I didn’t cry enough to fall asleep. Now I’m just feeling numb…. hollow. Like there is nothing but a hole inside me. Like all my emotions are locked up somewhere and someone else has the key.

I feel empty.

I think I need a hug, but I’m not even sure….