Feeling better now. Not completely fine yet, but I think I will be soonish. Or atleast by tomorrow morning.

Also I figured out I really need to clean my room. Dust bunnies are forming colonies in the corners. I hate dust. Well, I’ve been away for more or less three weeks, and before that hadn’t vaccumed for two. So it really needs to be done now.

I might also go see a movie with boyfriend and brother on Sunday if everything works out ^^ At first me and boyfriend had thought about seeing it today or tomorrow when he got off work, but that didn’t work out due to geographical distances and time tables (busses and trains). Well, can’t have everything your way…

Still not feeling properlyback to normal. Crying drains my energy like nothing else does. So I fell asleep before and slept for a few hours. I woke up in time for boyfriend to get off work so when he called me he didn’t wake me up ^^
We talked for a while when he was on the bus home, trying to figure out a way we could see the movie tomorrow. My mum didn’t fancy being my private driver for a day though, so if we see it it’ll be on Sunday when he’s got the day off. Then we can catch a day-time show and get back in time so my mum actually want to pick us up.

I still feel like I need a hug though, and I’ve got a pounding head ache.. Thanks to the crying earlier. I hate head aches >.< So no more crying!

Other than that? Boyfriend said he’d call me later today, so I’m waiting for that and then I think I might be heading off to bed. I’m still feeling a bit wiped out.