I live in a small, well, village. There are maybe 50 people in total living here.
And there’s been a baby boom here. I don’t know how many kids there are here under five. Well, I could count them if I wanted cos I know everyone (‘cept the two youngest) by name. I know their parents.

A few days ago one of the women living here gave birth to twins. They weren’t supposed to be born ’till late September but they were fine.

Anyways, what I was gonna write about is one of them crazy people living here. She seems to think that all women/girls want to have kids like NOW. She’s crazy!
When I was sixteen she asked me, not even joking!, when I was planning on having kids. I was so shocked! She’d been twenty-seven when she had her first, and here she’s asking me, barely even old enough to have sex (you have to be fifteen to legally being alble to agree to have sex here), when I’m planning to have my baby. I’m not planning to have any babies! I didn’ have a boyfriend at that time.

She asked a fried of my mum when she was planning on having her next baby. This woman had just gotten out of a divorce and she had two kids aged five and nine. Her ex-husband had cheated on her and had just gotten a baby with the new lady.

Apart from trying to make everyone else get pregnant her kids are terorising all the other kids. She has absolutely no control over them. I was babysitting another kid and she said I could take him over to her place so her son and him could play. Why not, I thought and went over.

The kid I was babysitting was playing with a toy car when her son walks over to him, takes the car from him and hits him repeatedly over the head. I had to get between them and forcibly take the car from her son. What was her reaction? She said that he’d just a kid and you can’t really do anything about it.

You can’t teach a kid what’s right and what’s wrong too early. Some day it might be too late and the kid grows up to be a vicious bully. Or a sociopath.

Meh, sorry for the rant. Just got annoyed earlier today when I was over at my best friend’s place and she told me something about what this kid had done to her son.