I would be crazy if I liked the asshole more than boyfriend. Cos boyfriend is just awesome, and what I think of the asshole is pretty clear from what I call him here. But I have several reasons as to why I think boyfriend is awesome and the asshole is an asshole.

Boyfriend isn’t a vegetarian, but always makes sure there is something for me to eat. He’s also part-time vegetarian for my sake. He’ll check contents of stuff to see if I can eat it and if it’s not ok for me often will look for an alternative. Also he felt really stupid for suggesting eating at McDonalds before he even knew I was a vegetarian.

Asshole used to be a vegetarian. Then he started eating meat for convinience sake (ie. lazyness). When I was visiting he’d complain about it being so hard to find any food for me. And he said he could understand why his friends had been so annoyed when he wasn’t eating meat. And he’d buy stuff with eggs in despite me being allergic and expect me to eat it too.

Boyfriend doesn’t expect me to blow him. He knows I will. He never tries to make me do anything I don’t want to. And once when I nearly gagged (my own fault) he made me stop and made sure that I was ok. At first I did it mainly for his sake, but as time went I went from just blowing him cos I knew he likes it do enjoying it myself. I might even swallow some times… And that is just cos he never put any pressure on me. Had I said no he wouldn’t have tried making me go down on him anyway.

Asshole more or less forced me, even when I’d said I didn’t want to. He also told me not to be silly, when I said I couldn’t take it any further, that there was somethin called deepthroating. And he’d be on my case cos I refused to let him come in my mouth. Not telling me when he was about to come hoping I wouldn’t have the time to pull away.

Boyfriend does it cos he wants to pleasure me, and knows that’s what gives me the best orgasms. He sais he does it cos he loves going down on me too. And he won’t stop ’till I can’t take it no more.

Asshole flat out refused. Claimed I was too hairy. He thinks a girl should have a completely shaved pussy. I tried asking why should I go down on him them? He didn’t even trim. Well, guys shouldn’t trim according to him. That was apparantly just weird and unmanly.

Boyfriend wants me to enjoy it. If I don’t like it, or if I’m getting sore he’ll stop. Even if that means he won’t reach orgasm that time. He last waaay longer than twenty seconds too. Boyfriend bothered to find out what I enjoy!
He once asked what I thought would’ve happened had I been a virgin that first night I spent at his place. I said I’d’ve slept with him anyway. It wouldn’t have bothered me if he’d been the first and not called me after it.

Asshole didn’t make sure I was wet enough, went at it for like twenty seconds ’till he came and then went to sleep completely ignoring if I’d liked it or not. It was all about him and his pleasure. That I didn’t really want to didn’t bother him at all.

In general boyfriend is so much nicer and more caring and generally just awesome. I love him a lot!

Asshole? Well, I’m trying to forget him. He’s been good for one thing; I now know there are idiots out there, so I will never take boyfriend’s awesomeness for granted. I will never take boyfriend for granted, even though I count on him being there for me.