There was a case where a 19 year old man raped an 11 year old girl. His defence was partly that she was his girlfriend and partly that he though she was 13 and partly that he didn’t know that it was illegal for him to have sex with people under 15. The court found him guilty of statutory rape*.

The news article where I found out about this case had “19 year old rapes 11 year old ‘girlfriend'”. I hate that the girl had to go through this stuff but I love that both the media and the court took this serious enough to label it for what it was and sentence him to a fairly long time in prison**.

*In Sweden rape and statutory rape carry the same sentences and if you can charge someone with statutory rape you should do that in stead of regular rape. So this is not a case of “it was really consensual she was just too young to consent”.

**Compared to how rape-cases and other criminal cases normally get sentenced in Sweden at least.