There’s been a few things with Raven I haven’t been completely happy with. But until Friday I didn’t have the guts to talk to him about it. I’ve been almost afraid to initiate sex with him due to a stupid thing he said a few months back. Also, one thing he said right after the last time we had sex hurt a bit. We talked about both those times as well as about our relationship in general. He said he was sorry that I got upset and explained where he came from with those things he said. Both of the things that upset me are basically in-jokes between him and some of his friends. With that context none of the comments he made where a big deal. None the less he promised to think a bit more when it came to in-jokes I had no idea about :)

Both of us are happy with a friends with benefits relationship where we are friends first and the benefits are of secondary importance. I think we could stay friends even if one of us stopped being single, cos there is so much more to our friendship than sex.