I just wrote a page about student life. You might want to read that first.

A few weeks ago I was at this information/training for people who are part of a Social Committee. It was two full days of lectures that ended with a test. Apart from the test and the lectures we also got a small quiz-like thing to fill out. It was about our alcohol habits. You could get a total of 40 points and you wanted to score as low as possible. Girls scoring 6 and above where apparently among the third of the students in Sweden who drank the most alcohol. I scored six.

Statistically those of us who are part of Social Committees are the ones who are at the highest risk of becoming alcoholics. It was really good to talk about that stuff and discuss it with people I know in other Social Committees. Statistically, for people with higher education, the people who become alcoholics lay the foundation during their years at uni. On top of that I have alcoholics in my family.

All this together makes me really scared that I’ll end up with an addiction… I know from experience that I have a hard time breaking bad habits. So I try to be careful with my drinking habits. I can be sober at parties without people asking me if I’m pregnant :D