Sex Ed in Sweden is not all about abstinence. Depending on the teacher it can even be really good. In the US it’s apparently really common that sex ed is some variation of “If you have sex before marriage you’re ruined FOREVER, will get PREGNANT, will get A LOT OF STDs and will DIE ALONE!”

I found this article on SparkLife and thought it was pretty good actually. There is nothing wrong with waiting to have sex. I didn’t have sex ’till I was seventeen and I’m happy that I didn’t do anything before that. I don’t like calling it abstinence though. Celibacy is a much better word according to me.

The thing is, if you try to scare kids out of having sex it’s not gonna work. If what they’ve heard is that “OMG YOU’RE GONNA DIE IF YOU HAVE SEX!” and some of their friends are sexually active without anything bad happening them…Well, what’s there to say that there really is a risk at all? Comprehensive sex ed is way better since it teaches the kids what they need to know to really minimise the risks from sex.