Frog and the other girl he was mostly seeing have decided to try and have something more serious. I’m actually happy for him :) I also discovered that it wasn’t only physical with him. I really care about him and I think he’s fun to hang out with most of the time. I also get mad at him once in a while.. But I think we can be friends even is he has a girlfriend :)

I also seem to be falling for Raven. Not really what I want to do… That guy is at least as commitment phobic as I am.. Maybe even more so! We’re gonna se Avatar on Friday, and I’m thinking about talking to him about emotions and stuff. I’d rather not though.. But if I pester all my friends in casual relationships to talk about stuff I ought to do it myself too. Just to make sure we’re both in it for the same reasons.

I saw Cute Geek last night. I’m drifting away and I’m not really that into sleeping with him anymore. I like seeing him, and I like spending time with him. I just think we’d be more suitable as friends without benefits at this point in time. Which means I pretty much has to talk to him too.