My first week of this year has been pretty good  :) Here is a summary:

Jan1st: started with fireworks and then some Seinfield and the whole day was pretty much spent in bed. With company. Raven was the first person I slept with in 2010. But most of the time in bed was spent fast asleep.

Jan 2nd:  Was “kidnapped” by a bunch of physics students for a movie night. I know the lot through Frog. He wasn’t there. Was too lazy to go home after that so I texted Raven and ended up crashing at his place.

Jan 3rd
: Was supposed to study with Smile, ended up spending the whole day on a wiki-type of page just clicking “random article”.

Jan 4th: Studied with Smile. Was pretty fun, got stuff done. Ended up missing the last train back home so I stayed the night. Was an… interesting night.

Jan 5th
: I actually have no idea what I did that day.

Jan 6th
: Studied with Raven at some café. Got stuff done. Had fun :) Then we watched “Big Fat Quiz of the Year”. Hilarious! Went home and spammed articles on that wiki-type site I mentioned earlier. Redlinks are evil!

Jan 7th
: School started. Missed my first class of the year. “Studied” (read: wasted time and had fun in the computer lab) with Green Fairy. Met up with Frog. He gave me food and we talked. We also had sex. Twice. Things seem to be ok with us now.

Jan 8th
: Today. Didn’t miss class. Spent the whole three hours doodling on my teacup and texting. And now I’m just wasting time despite my exam on Thursday :O