Today I met an online friend, Kyle, for the first time. We’ve been talking online since I was like 16-17. I met him in a MMORPG I used to play back then :P We talked a lot during the time we were both gaming, but lately we haven’t talked much. About a week ago we started talking a lot both on msn and on the phone. Last night we talked for like six hours on the phone :O

We were walking around town and looking in a lot of different stores. They have these Christmas market things which were a lot of fun ^^ At some point I also ran into Kit. That was kinda fun ^^ Haven’t seen him in ages :D Apart from Kyle and Kit’s friend not getting along at all…

When we were waiting for his train home again he made some jokes about having hid an axe xD (I always joke about my online friends being secret axe murderers xD) It was really nice meeting him ^^ We have a lot in common and he the only difference between him online and offline was that offline I could get a real hug ^^ Hugs are awesome!