On Friday morning I took the biggest exam I’ve taken. To pass it I have to reach a certain level on each question. The exam consisted of five questions. Question four was on something (företagshypotek for anyone who knows Swedish) I hadn’t studied at all. The first time I actually looked on the law regulating that area was during the exam. I was not alone. From what I’ve heard from my classmates more than half of us might fail.

So when I was headed to the party the Social Committee was throwing for us who’d taken the exam my plan was to get seriously wasted. And wasted I did get. Very much so even. Wasted enough to make out with my ex boyfriend. Wasted enough to wake up with scratch marks all over my arms with no clue where they came from. They don’t look like marks from someone’s nails though… I got wasted enough that Frog didn’t want to make out with me cos he didn’t wanna risk doing anything I would regret. Frog normally has trouble keeping his hands off of me…

The day after we were initiating new people into the Social Committee. Raven was one of the people getting initiated :) I got initiated about a month and a half ago, but the same night something else happened so I didn’t write much about it.

Anyway, I’ve never been so hungover in my life as I was yesterday… It was worse than the day after my initiation. It was worse than the day after I graduated High School… Worse than any time I can remember >< Which everyone else thought was really fun for some reason xD

I was going to go to another party the same night, but halfway there the friend I was gonna meet up said that she was going home. So I also left, and ended up going to Raven’s place^^ This night I wasn’t too drunk to consent to sex (A)