On my way to pick up my medicine for the chlamydia I sent out a text to everyone I’ve slept with since my last negative test. This are some of the reactions I got:

Batman: Fuuuuu!! (very mature don’t you think? Idiot…)
Emo Boy: Don’t you always use condoms?
Paul: Ok. Thanks for the info.
E: Wow, not fun fo you :-/ i got tested two months ago and was negative, so I should be ok :) (I haven’t written about when I had sex with him here… It was just two days before the accident with the condom. It was a threesome with us two and my ex :D)
Raven: : /
My ex: get well soon and I hope your day gets better after a morning like this. It could be worse, you could’ve been pregnant too ;)
Cute Geek: Fuuuuuuuccckkkkk!!! (He’s never been tested and had been hoping I would test negative so he would’t have to get teste)

Frog was there when I got the call and he just laughed.. Then he apologised xD He’s the most likely source for this infection xD