I was talking to Frog yesterday… Both of us have to be celibate for the ten days we are on antibiotics. It’s actually illegal for me to do anything with anyone that could risk spreading the infection xD So I said that I was thinking about celibacy for a longer time than that.. Cos I don’t wanna get another infection. Next time it could be something much worse than chlamydia.

“As long as you make an exception for me,” Frog said.
“Well, that depends on you,” I said. If I didn’t sleep with anyone but him and he continued sleeping around I wouldn’t lower the risk.
“You know what that would mean?” Frog asked me.
“Monogamy” I said.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa” we both went.
“That’s so not baby steps,” Frog said.

Then I started thinking about requiring all potential partners to test negative first. Frog figured out that would mean two weeks of celibacy after every time he slept with someone else than me, so he said if that was the case he could just be monogamous anyway… xD

Anyway, for now we have a bet. The first person who has any kind of  sex (even oral, manual and solo) loses. The loser has to ask permission from the other person if they wanna do anything sexual with anyone (including making out). If we lose by sleeping with each other both have to ask permission xD I’m so no losing xD Frog said he thought about losing on purpose just to see how mean I would be :P