I never really liked the girl my ex was dating from what I could see. She seemed like a total bitch. At first I thought it was mostly in my head cos she was dating my ex… Then I saw some comments she made on a friend of mines blog… Something about how rape victims just need to get over it and get on with their lives. When called out on it she said that she was a victim herself but had gotten on with her life. From there on I thought that she must be nice in person cos why would he date her if she was a total bitch?

Last night she pretty much dumped him over MSN. She said that he was mean and cold and boring and not spontaneous  some other stuff… I saw his facebook status. She had commented on it saying something like “you know you’re not spontaneous and you never joke or show feelings.. what are you whining about?”

Daisy had also commented something about how she didn’t agree and thought he was a funny and stuff. Then this girl he’d been dating commented again saying “no, he is very cold and boring!” When Daisy asked why she was saying that this girl left  comment saying that he was never showing his feelings, and never joked and how he was just spinning things to make her look bad.

Yeah, I don’t feel like a jealous ex for being pissed at her anymore.