I saw Frog yesterday. That’s the guy from Saturday. He lives really close to uni so we went to his place. We hardly got in the door before clothes started dropping. I got to say hi to his roomie before too many clothes was lost though xD

Just as he started looking for condoms he got a nosebleed. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could he. Second try led to a minor panic attack on my end. Not as funny but as effective on the no sex part. Third try was successful though ^^ I love it that he’s a bit rough and bossy in bed :D

He came, I didn’t.

I got a “märke” to put on my future “ovve” saying something about “grodmärkt” -.- That’s what the people in his Social Committee give to the people they sleep with -.- So now I’m apparently marked xD AND I HAD SEX WITH THE BASTARD ONE MORE TIME!

After the second time we were both pretty much drifting off to sleep.. He jokingly asked when I was leaving, so I told him I could leave now if he wanted.
“And miss out on the morning sex!” he said, “No way!”

I ended up saying the night and in the morning we had sex one more time. This time I actually came. Third try is a charm or what is it they say ? xD I sense a fuck-budy or fwb situation coming up.