Thursday: I was working at a dinner party with 69 guests. Setting up tables, serving food (thankfully I didn’t have to help out with the dishes <3) After the dinner it was a regular pub/party/not sure what to call it. I was in the bar or running around picking up empty bottles and glasses. Lot’s of running around and getting hit on by waay too drunk customers. Actually had a lot of fun ^^ But was soo tired when I got home. School had started at 9AM, I started working ~5PM and got home at 4AM.

Friday: Clubbing with Ninja and Cute Geek. We also picked up a day after pill for Ninja. On the way there we decided to get married on facebook :D I love that girl! I’m missing her so much already…. So anyway, since I was married Cute Geek had to ask permission to kiss me xD Ninja said it was fine as long as I kissed her too every time I kissed him. So I pretty much got a lot of kisses that night ^^ Oh, and Cute Geek can DANCE! How did I miss that? I have been out with him before… I think I’m falling for him actually :$ Not sure if that’s a good idea or not.

Saturday: I was the guest at a dinner party thingy similar to the one where I’d worked on Thursday. I got too drunk during the dinner but sobered up a bit after ^^ Met a bunch of new people and had a lot of fun ^^ I also made out with one of the guys working xD I started talking to him at some point and we danced a bit on his “break” (he just took one xD).

He saw my ring* and asked if I was engaged. I told him that I’m not engaged but if an annoying guy hits on me I might pretend I am. He took that to mean that I didn’t think he was annoying. Then his boss came and told him to get back to work. Right before he left he kissed me. Later that night he pretty much pulled me away from my friends and pushed me up against a door and kissed me.

“Hey, you’re pretty drunk.. Maybe I shouldn’t do this,” he said after a minute or so. He was sober and I was definitely not sober.
“I’m not too drunk to know what I’m doing,” I said and kissed him. He got my number and we’re planning on meeting up sometime next week ^^ If I see him again he’ll get a name here, and I have the perfect one :D

*I have a very pretty white gold and diamond ring that looks a bit like an engagement ring.