I have list of all the people I’ve slept with. I can still remember them all but it gets easier with the list. The length of that list depends on how I count. If I only count intercourse it’s 8, if I even count oral it’s 12, if I count the girl (there were only fingers involved) and whatever happened at Smile’s* then it’s 14. If I only count the people who made me come it’s 6.

Out of all the 14 I regret one. Maybe two… I’m wondering if it really was such a good idea to sleep with Paul >< If I got the chance to sleep with anyone on my list again I’d got for maybe 4 or5 of them… Possibly 6. Out of those 14, 12 of them have nick names here. The average age of those 14 is just a bit over a year older than me. Out of those 14 I was in love with one and crushing on 6 or 7. Out of those 14 I was together with one.

*I don’t know how to describe it really. Torture is one word, but it was really great too and only involved two fingers and a lot of mind games.