Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I had a BLAST! :D

The day started with a school lesson. Black Lotus showed up and I got a hug :D

After lunch a day full of activities/competitions between groups for the new students started. We started of meeting up our group in a classroom and another guy who’s also a student mentor had them all sing happy birthday for me :D During the day I got a bunch of birthday wishes and “my kids” did really well in the competitions too ^^

My grandparents managed to time in the five minutes that I wasn’t busy to call and wish me a happy birthday too and I got a bunch of texts :D

When we went to have dinner there’d been a mix up in the kitchen so there was no food for me. Due to lack of sleep and being really hungry that nearly made me cry, so one of my kids asked all of the others to help get enough money to buy me dinner. So everyone gave some change and in the end there was enough :D That really made my day ^^ <3 my kids.

When we got back from 7eleven, where me and the guy who’d started collecting the money for my dinner (Raven) had gotten my food, another guy who’s also a student mentor along with me made EVERYONE in there sing for me :D That was our group of kids along with ten other groups and ~60 student mentors.

After dinner I said I was going to crash Linda’s party cos she’d hi-jacked my birthday. I ended up dragging Raven along too. Turns our him and Daisy’s boyfriend are really good friends.

The pre-party, as it turned out to be, was at Photo Guy’s place and a bunch of people I know were there.  Poi Girl (who will be Wifey from now on) and Nellie were among the ones there that have aliases here. When we got to the club Pixie was there and a bit later a guy I started talking to last weekend who seems pretty cool also turned up. He’ll be called Paul from now on. Pink and Kleptomaniac also turned up.

Daisy’s boyfriend is really cool by the way. I talked to him some yesterday and I’m really happy for Daisy. I don’t think she’s ever had a boyfriend who was actually good for her before.

That night consisted of a lot of drinking and dancing and making out for me. Everyone bought me drinks cos it was my birthday and I made out with a lot of my friends. The only person I made out with whom I really shouldn’t have made out with was Raven. I’m his student mentor >< We are kinda friends though and he’s really good friends with Daisy’s boyfriend and he’s actually almost a year older than me so I think it’s ok anyway ^^ And dancing really makes me feel good :D There is this feeling that I pretty much only get when I’m on the dancefloor :D

I ended up staying the night at Raven’s place cos he lived really close to the club. We didn’t have sex though so I’ve still never had sex on my birthday :D