Yesterday I was talking to Lex on MSN. I haven’t talked to him in ages… I’ve kinda avoided him cos every time I talk to him the first thing he does is ask if I’m single. Yesterday the conversation went something like this:
Lex: It was ages since we last met up…
Me: Yeah, I know.. I’ll be kinda busy for the next week or so though
Lex: Doing what?
Me: Well, I have an exam on Thursday and I’ll be spending the weekend in [town where my grandparents live] then I have a meeting/party with the student mentor group on Monday and on Tuesday classes start.
Lex: You spend a lot of time in [town where my grandparents live], why?
Me: My grandparents live there xD
Lex: So no boy?
Me: I’d never have the energy for a LDR xD
Lex: So you’re still single?
Me: Yeah
Lex is inviting you to start sending webcam. Do you want to Accept (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

So I got kinda fed up and posted a status message to facebook complaining about people who asked if I was single the first thing they did and then asked if I had a web camera. Bite Me commented:  “Singel? Cam? xD” So then we started talking a lot on MSN :D

After Bite Me’s comment I changed my relationship status to “Married”.
Daisy commented: WHO!?
Me: I’m not married xD
Daisy :|

I was on MSN talking to Poi Girl so I told her about the comments me and Daisy left on the changed relationship status.
Me: Maybe I should marry someone then xD
Poi Girl: Marry me?
Me: Sure!
Poi Girl: Awwwe
Me: (K)
Poi Girl: (L)

So now me and Poi Girl are married on facebook xD I told you I was gonna marry a girl if I ever got married!