Me and Poi Girl went to see Sirqus Alfon again yesteday. We met up my mum, aunt and a friend of my aunts there. I had a lot of fun :D Sirqus Alfon are really crazy! Their “lead singer” has dreads coupled with shaving part of the head. They do “covers” of Spice Girls, Enigma, No Dobt, that Mr. Vain song I can never remember anything more about, Missy Elliot, and a whole bunch of other people/songs. How can you not love a group like that?

After the show me and Poi Girl met up with Daisy and her new boyfriend and some of his friends for a beer or two. It was kinda nice :) Her boyfriend seems nice^^ Most of the people she’s dated has turned out to be idiots.. So I’m really happy that she’s met a nice guy at last^^ No checking through her msn-conversations, no telling her what she can and can’t wear, no trying to turn her friends against her, no freaking out cos a male friend buys her a drink. And he’s good looking too^^

Daisy told us that they still haven’t had sex cos he gets too nervous. They both really want to, but he gets all nervous and stuff so he can’t get it up. Daisy said that he more than makes up for it though, so she doesn’t mind. Aparantly he has “magic fingers” xD

Most of the time Poi Girl and Daisy were making plans about upcoming parties and stuff and gossiping about mutual friends. Poi Girl dated some guy who turned out to be an asshole after a pregnancy scare and Daisy was semi-interested in another guy who turned out to be really arrogant and stuff. And some guy who Poi Girl dated a while was sad that Daisy had gotten a boyfriend cos now him and Daisy couldn’t have kids. This guy is a creep and Daisy has as big chance of getting pregnant without condoms as with them. She said she wouldn’t have his baby for a million.

Around midnight we split up, everyone going home.

When I got the station where the subway branches out I didn’t want to wait for my train (22min) so I started walking (would take me less than 20 minutes to get home that way). Some guy asked me when the train went but in the end started pestering me to come home with him to watch a movie. I’m not interested in random desperate guys!