After we’d seen Sirqus Alfon me, (ex)boyfriend and Poi Girl went to Subway to eat something. There we talked a bit about Poi Girl’s birthday and the show. I helped her fix one, maybe two, DJs (she wants to host a rave-party). She also decided to tag along to see Sirqus Alfon again, this time from the beginning^^

That means she’s meeting my mum and my aunt. (ex)boyfriend thought it would be fun if she introduced herself as my girlfriend xD That would be kinda fun, even though my mum isn’t very homophobic. She did say that her “veranda-policy”* was equal opportunity when I met up with a girl I’d met on the queer community site xD

*When I was about forteen I asked my mum how she’d react if I got a boyfriend. She said she’d be sitting on the veranda with a sawed-off shotgun. This is now an inside family joke. When I did bring home a boyfriend at eightteen my mum loved him and there were no weapons anywhere close to home^^