Yesterday I was kinda bored.. I wanted to do something and not just sit at home. Thanks to facebook I ended up going to some kinda outdoors rave party. A guy I’m facebook friends with but don’t know very well, Photo Guy, said he was going to [Name of the event] and gave me a bus stop and told me to follow the music when I got there or give him a call. So I went there, not exactly sure what I was headed to, but figured it out when a lot of ravers showed up on the bus xD

Once there I met a couple of people I know. The first person I recognised was Ryan. It was hard seeing who was who in the dark, so at first I didn’t recognise the guy Ryan was with. It was the guy who was “offended” when I didn’t ask him for a drink in this post. He’ll be called Pat in this blog now.

When I’d gotten past the “bouncers” (they stood on the road leading up the area of the woods where they’d set up a “dance floor”) I manged to bump into another girl I sometimes party with. She’s pretty good friends with Daisy and they are pretty similar. The biggest difference to an outside viewer would be that this girl knows how to poi. So Poi Girl it is from now on :)

I followed Poi Girl to where the guy who had invited me was and we talked for a bit and I was offered something to drink before I ventured off to the dance floor. I love just moving to the music, and can stay on a dance floor for a very long time ^^ On the dance flow I saw a very familiar looking girl with dreads. It was (ex)boyfriend’s cousin (Lily from now on). She told me that she and the piercer dude had separated. She also said that he’d probably still pierce me for free though xD

To be continued.