This is part two. Part one can be found here.

For the next couple of hours I alternated between talking to people I know, dancing, dancing some more and talking to people I didn’t know. Lot’s of fun ^^ Even though Pat and Ryan tried to get me drunk. I made Pat promise me that if I got too drunk to get home on my own he’d make sure I got home ok.

After a while Lily and her brother had to leave cos the brother’s seven months pregnant girlfriend was getting tired. Pat and Ryan left shortly after that. When they’d left I went over to where Photo Guy, Poi Girl and a few others where sitting. Poi Girl wasn’t feeling very well due to too much alcohol so she was mostly moaning about that and me and Photo Guy ended up talking about taking pictures and stuff like that. He is pretty good with a camera and I showed him some of the pics I’ve taken that were online. He also checked when the bus home left. Cell phones with internet are pretty handy :)

I texted Pat and asked btw how was I supposed to get homw now if I got too drunk? and after a couple of texts we started talking about how many people we’d slept with and stuff xD Oh, and apparantly I would’ve been able to make out with him if I’d tried when he was still single (he’d met a girl the day before).

Turned out I didn’t need Pat to get me home ok, cos Photo Guy’s friend with a car said he’d give me a ride ^^ By now it was freezing outside so me and another girl went back to the dance floor to get warmed up. We stayed there for over and hour and it was GREAT! Just dancing, moving to the music, surrounded by people doing the same. AWESOME! :D I also noticed a couple of people watching me, and not in the what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-her-way, and some people I’ve never met before told me I was a good dancer. Ego boost :D

The friend of Photo Guy turned up after a while though, and I had to leave the dance floor. I was still all giddy and hyper so I kinda jumped all the way to the car. I got home shortly before six.

I had a great time :D :D