I met up with Smile yesterday. I was really miserable and refused to take off my sunglasses cos I was hungover (might get a post up about my Friday). My head was pounding and I felt like a vampire when it came to sunlight. Smile had a lot of fun teasing me about it but bought me an ice cream so I was a bit happier when we got to his car.

It took about an hour to drive to his place, and then I was already about half an hour away from my place. He lives faaar away! When we got there I got a tour of his town, among other things he showed me his old high school, the harbour and the many huuge supermarkets xD When we got to his place he said what I needed was a drink. For my hangover that is… He was also amused by how easily I get drunk/hungover. I’d had like one drink the nigh before.

Smile’s house was nice. Pretty small, and just behind his parents house. He’s moving to Stockholm in the fall he told me, he’s gonna study and don’t want to spend three hours commuting each day.

We watched some TV and talked first. About India, Greece, mutual friends, his ex, my ex, relationships in general, sex, some of my self esteem issues and a bunch of other stuff. Then we watched some movies. He also had a lot of  fun holding me down and tickling me. Sadist! (But then I do have some masochistic tendencies too… xD)

Around ten I figured I should check when the bus home left, but then I decided to finish the second (thrd?) movie we were wathing first. In the end we lost track of time and I missed the last bus. By like five minutes. Smile offered to try and catch up with the bus by car, but said that could also stay the night if I wanted to. I just had to decide like right now. I ended up staying the night.

I had a lot of fun ^^