I went to see a gynaecologist today. First he asked me a couple of questions. Like what were my symptoms? (some irritation when peeing and pain in the lower back where it hurts during my period, my grandmother said it could be something with the ovaries), had I ever been pregnant? (no!), what had I been tested for so? far (UTI and chlamydia, both negative), was I on the Pill (nope, side effects didn’t agree with me), didn’t I use any contraceptive!?! (ehm, what?), oh, do you use condoms? (yeah…).

What’s with the assumed heterosexuality? And why assume that all women in fertile age who don’t want to be pregnant will be on the Pill? I was thisclose to saying that I only sleep with women actually xD

He didn’t find anything that explained my symptoms, but he found what it is that’s causing my irregular period. He looked at my ovaries and saw a lot of something that I don’t know the English word for (“äggblåsor”) and said it looked a bit like PCO, but not enough to give a diagnosis. But I might have trouble conceiving when/if I want kids.