I love being up at night. Sometimes I like partying all night with fun people, sometimes I just want to watch some TV-series from episode one to the season finale. Sometimes I’m up all night finishing an essay due in the next day. Even that can be fun with the right people online on msn.

I can count the times I’ve been up early enough to see the sunrise on my fingers. Most of those times was in the winter when the sun rises around 8-9AM. I’ve long ago lost count of the times I was up late enough to see the sun rise. Even in winter time.

I’ve never really been scared of the dark.

I love walking around in the city at night. Alone or with the right company doesn’t matter. I feel free walking around at night. Just as I never really was scared of the dark I’ve never really been scared of the stereotypical rapist jumping out from behind a dark corner to abduct me. It just didn’t occur to me that I should be.

I love the night.