Last night I met Emo Boy* again. I met him while working (kinda) on Wednesday night and we’ve been texting bit since then. I met him and a couple of his friends at this bar on Sutreplan.** After we’d been there for a while we went to this other club where we lost his friends so we more or less walked around Stockholm and just talked. It was kinda nice :)

We are similar in some areas and total opposites in others. He talked about a lot of stuff.. Everything from past relationships to school to future plans to sexual orientations. (I try to be as out as I can) He’s straight though :P In the end he followed me home and it turns out that I live in the same house as his grandmother used to live in ’till she got to old for the staircase (!!!!) I had a lot of fun with that. My roomie knows his grandmother and says she’s a nice lady ^^

I told Emo Boy that I’d been raped and he reacted in exactly the right way. That was really nice :) I’m too used to people either acting like “just get over it already” or like what happened has ruined me for life. He told me about a friend of his who’d taked her rapist to court and won.

This is going in the “Friends”-category cos I think I’ve made a new friend :)

*If he ever reads this he’ll hate me for his alias here xD
**A part of Stockholm where there are very many bars and clubs.