I’m cis, white, middle class and able bodied. I’m also female and non-straight. The non-straight part don’t show up that much, even though I consider myself out. I’m female in the lest unequal country in the world according to some list (Sweden) so I don’t get mistreated as much as a lot of other women across the world do. If I get pregnant and don’t want to be it wouldn’t be a problem for me to get an abortion. I won’t get asked why I want it, I’ll get asked if Monday 2 o’clock is a good time or if I prefer Tuesday morning.

I can ignore trans issues and it won’t really affect my life. I can be completely ignorant about racial issues and just cos I’m not joining white supremacist groups I’m seen as a nice little white girl. That I can spell my name in sign language is always seen as a very positive thing when I meat deaf people. That I acknowledge that I had it easier than they did makes people from other socio-economic classes less lucky than me see me as a good person. Or at least heaps better than those crazy right-wing people who thinks being poor means that you’re lazy and if we just spent less money on welfare they’d go out and get a better paying job.

That’s all privilege and I guess I’m pretty lucky with the where, when and to whom I was born.