I haven’t taken the time to actually think about the break up this time… The past few times we broke up I pretty much broke down for a week after as well. This time I more or less went on with my life as if nothing had happened, not thinking about it.

Typically me… Avoiding things. I tend to avoid things that hurt, things that annoy me, things that I don’t want to think about. And this… this hurts. I don’t want to think about breaking up. So I avoid thinking about it… It’s not the first time we break up, but it feels a lot more final than all the other times.

I feel like I shouldn’t write about it here, but this has always been my place to vent. I don’t want to lose that out of fear of hurting someones feelings. And I don’t want to lose him. That would be a million times worse than losing some small corner of cyber-space. I can always set up a new blog… It’s not that hard (the several I already have should be proof enough). But if he decides he doesn’t want to stay friends after all… I wouldn’t know what to do.