I’m so glad that me an d Tony are friends. Him, (ex)boyfriend and Nadia are probably the people who know me the best… No matter how much drama my life is filled with Tony and me… It never really changes. In a good way ofc. We’re friends, good friends, and I don’t think there really is anything that can change that. Not anymore.

I still don’t really know how he went from a one night stand to one of my best friends. It went so gradually, I didn’t really notice at first. I was the one who started opening up, and for a long time I would talk to him about pretty much anything, and he’d listen… Maybe give me advice. I’d call him when I was sad and he’d make me feel better. Since he met Pixie that stuff has started going both ways. Now he talks to me about pretty much anything. He calls me when he’s down. When he’s forgotten his anti-depressants and feel like the world is falling apart he calls me..

I love him