Yeah… what do I say… I love (ex)boyfriend. I really do… and I like this guy I met over the weekend. A classmate of mine had a party and I was invited. Aparantly it’s a good thing that I like video games :P (The guy I kinda like is the person who made my new header as well)

I get on really well with him and I know that however I solve this mess I’m going to want to stay friends.

Oh, and for everyone who is going to tell me to talk to (ex)boyfriend, I already did. For like three hours. We nearly broke up… Again. Next time we actually do break up I think it’ll be for good. I can’t be sure though :P We decided to not break up tonight at least and I’ll try to find a way to fix this shit…

The guy I kinda likes needs an alias though…

[Mortality] says (01:00):
If you could chose your alias on my blog, what would it be?
[what should I call him?] says (01:01):
bdw, I have to admit that I know the name of your blog -.-
[what should I call him?] says (01:01):
you need to censor stuff better
[Mortality] says (01:01):
it’s ok..
[Mortality] says (01:01):
I’ve beem thinking about giving you the adress, so…
[what should I call him?] says (01:01):

So I guess Batman it is :P

Seriously… I hardly ever fall for people. Like almost never. I tend to shut down feelings that don’t go well with my plans. And kinda falling for someone was definitely not something I’d planned on >< Well, well… I guess I just need to figure out what to do. At least everyone involved knows what’s going on.

I’m so calling Pixie tomorrow! And I really need to sleep…. It’s 1.30 in the morning and I’ve got school tomorrow. And I was going to go to bed early tonight!!