Yesterday I had an exam in school, so I had to turn off my mobile. When I’m done with my exam and turn on my phone again I see a text message from my mum. It said “call me, it’s important” and nothing more. She never texts me, she calls! So I try and call her only to get a busy signal.

Then I see that she’s also left a voice message saying pretty much the same thing, and from her tone I got really worried.

When I finally got through to her about five minutes later I was waiting with a classmate for another of our classmates. Mum asked if I was sitting down, and then told me that my father and stepmum had been in a car accident. A serious one.. And asked me to come home.

So I got home as soon as I could and we called the hospital again. A woman who was there with them told us that it had been a head on collision with a truck. My dad had broken ribs, other broken bones, scull fractures, punctured lung, damaged liver and probably other things I can’t remember. I had been in a coma, but was now only unconscious.My stepmum was a lot less injured and she was concious and they were operating on her when we called. She was having reconstructive surgery cos she’d got her face smashed up. So she’ll survive, and at most get a couple of scars.

The hospital they are in a a good one, and he’ll most likely survive. I really hope he does… It’s a lot easier to be pissed off at him than worried.